Add any of these to any boxes for a special touch.

Single Rose (fake) 50p each

Flower Bunch (fake) £4 each

Seeded Paper Message Card £1 each

Processco £3 each

Bottle Beer £3 each


Tea Boxes & Sharing Boxes

These are great boxes to send to:

A Loved One, A Friend or A Work College.

For a: 

Birthday Treat


To Say I Miss You

To Say Thank You

To Say Sorry

Or Just Because...

Do let me know what the occasion is so I can add the appropriate sticker/candle/humble pie..


Lots of pictures on my facebook page.

All Subject to Availability of Ingredients - Delivery Charges May Apply.




Afternoon Cream Tea

Available in Children Portions too.

£10 each Standard

£14 each with a bunch of (fake) flowers attached

£13 each with Prosecco

Sandwiches - A mixture of thick sliced wholemeal/seeded & white bread
Ham Salad 
Sliced Beef & Horseradish
Cream Cheese & Cucumber

Egg Mayonnaise
Home-Baked Sausage Rolls

Cake Selection:

Plain Scones with Butter & Jam. Cream & Strawberries
Victoria Sponge, 
Chocolate Brownie


Chocolate Mousse Pot


Manly Meaty Tea Boxes        


£10 each Standard

£13 each with Spitfire

Sandwich Selection:
Pulled Pork Roll
Sausage & Onion Sandwich

Pork Pie
Sausage Roll

Scotch Egg
Pickled Onion
Jamaica Cake Slice

Ploughmans Box       

£10 each 

Thick Cut Meats

Cheese Selection

Pickles, Relish

Pork Pie
Scotch Egg

Crackers, Bread Roll & Butter

Cherry Tomato, Coleslaw

Sweet Dipping Box

Serves 2/4 adults


A selection of :

Pancakes, Croissants

Waffles , Brownies

Marshmallows, Biscuits

Fruit, Popcorn, Sweets

Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce

Sweet & Savoury Sharing Box

Serves 2/4 adults


A selection of Sandwiches

Ham Salad 
Sliced Beef & Horseradish

Cheese & Cucumber

Egg Mayonnaise

Sticky Chicken Wings

Pork Pies

Chicken Satay Sticks (not peanutty)


Sweet Potato Fries


Burger 1/4

Sausage Rolls

Doughnts, Brownies

Cakes, Fruit

Brunch Boxes -  £7 each
Sweet Pastry

Ham & Cheese Croissant
Mini Blueberry Muffin


Fruit Pot

Yoghurt & Granola

Latte Sachet

Children's Afternoon Tea
£5 per head
Plain Shaped Sandwiches
Sausage Roll
Fruit Shot Pot
Mini Cupcake
Sweetie Pot

Lots of pictures on my facebook page.